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We are: respectful, responsible, hopeful, friendly, truthful and we persevere.

Curriculum Information

As a Church school, the teachings of the bible guide and influence our practice. Being part of the Birmingham Diocesan Multi-Academy trust, we, like the other schools within our MAT, are committed to ensuring that all children experience, ‘life in all its fullness.’ (John 10:10). At Hawkesley, we say to our children to ‘let your light shine.’ (Matthew 5:16). In order to do this, we ensure our curriculum prepares the children of Hawkesley academically, emotionally, socially and spiritually to be active participants of British society.

Rooted within the heart of our school community are our school’s Christian values:

These values guide us as a learning community to help develop the individual characters within our school to become successful, active and prepared citizen of British society.

Our values cement the different strands of our curriculum together: they allow the children to explore the importance of living a life with values such as perseverance and hopefulness, and the outcomes when people turn their backs on values such as respectfulness and truthfulness, within an engaging and inspiring context.

We believe that children are naturally inquisitive. The world our children are entering is one that is varied, exciting and full of opportunities. Through developing engaging, relevant topics, we develop learners who are keen to investigate, question and participate in the world around them.

We believe that school should be the place where children find out answers, and the catalyst for wanting to find out even more! Our curriculum enables our school to be a place of discovery, excitement and provide a window into the lives, places and experiences that our children wish to explore. We encourage the children to look at the world and question why things are as they are. We teach them how to find out the answers to their questions, and to think about whether the information they have found is accurate or biased. We support the children to see the similarities in people they aspire to be and to value the differences in those around us.

We introduce children to new knowledge through exciting topics which are cross-curricular, rooted in our local area, relevant and inspiring. We weave PSHE, British Values and RE through these topics, along with Science, PE, Geography, History, Art, Music, DT, English, Modern Foreign Languages and Maths. Children also have weekly PE sessions. Through interweaving disciplines, it allows children to see that knowledge is connected.

Our curriculum is purpose built and written for the children and community of Hawkesley Church Primary Academy. It is rooted within the local area, building on the great assets and history of Birmingham, the wider region and country. It has been written to facilitate and enable access to high quality, exciting learning experiences.

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