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We are: respectful, responsible, hopeful, friendly, truthful and we persevere.

Welcome to Year One

Welcome to Year One’s page.

Year One is taught by Mrs Ray with support from Mrs Harwood and Mrs Grainger.


In Year One this term:



We are watching a short film and learning to write a diary from it.

The focus for our writing will be to write creative sentences using new and unusual adjectives. Please help your child to identify these by pointing them out when you are reading together. This half term we will be hearing some breaking news! Please can you share a newspaper together and discuss how news is often reported?

In Phonics we will be investigating alternative pronunciations for the vowels in our words, these will include split digraphs a_e, e_e, i_e, o_e and u_e.

Can you help by identifying these in our reading and writing.




Ask us about Karate Reading. It’s new!

We are privileged to have Miss Hudd join us every Monday to listen to each child in our class read. Please make sure you have heard your child read and signed their diary.




We are learning to count (forward and backwards) read and write our numbers up to 100. We are also learning to write number names up to 20.

We will be learning our 2’s , 5’s and 10 times tables and enjoy creating new “champions” when we play shoot out.

Our addition skills are developing rapidly, so now, we are focusing our key skills sessions on identifying and recording corresponding subtraction facts too. Is it true that if you know 2+3=5 then you know 12+3= 15? Then is it true that if 2+3balances with 5 does 5-3 =2? Does the position of the greatest value in a number sentence determine which symbol (+ or-) we use? Can you explain you reasons?




Our Topics this term are: ‘Try it Out’ and ‘Going for Gold.’

On Tuesday 2nd May 2017 we will be launching our topic welcoming some babies and their mums into our classroom.

We will be writing the questions we want to ask our visitors about how babies learn to do things that we find so easy, for example talking!

Somebody from school will be reporting breaking news!!! Can you predict what it might be?

We will be learning about Grace Darling and finding out why she is a significant person from History. Did she invent something or did she travel like Christopher Columbus?

We will work together to help “Jack” climb a beanstalk by recording addition and subtraction facts to 20.





What are plants? Are they alive? How do you know?

QUESTIONS! QUESTIONS! QUESTIONS! We will be asking and writing them then finding out the answers by conducting experiments.



Physical Education

Indoor PE is on Thursday morning.

Please can children have short/ tracksuit bottoms or leggings and a t-shirt?



Religious Education

Our school values this term are that we are respectful and truthful. We are learning to work collaboratively together.

In RE we will learn why God created us differently to other animals and the plan he has for all of us.



General Information

Miss Garratt teaches us PE and computing on a Thursday morning.

We are learning to learn- ask us about how we are developing our learning muscles. How do we manage our distractions or what have we learnt about empathy?

Don’t forget to look at our Homework Grid- there are lots of different activities that you could do to help us in our learning!



Please click the image below to download this term's homework grid.